Returns and Refunds

Customized Products Make Returns Really Tough

We are crazy about making art our customers love but to be honest, standard returns, refunds and exchanges (i.e. nothing is wrong with it but you don't like it so you send it back) would crush our small business so we just can't offer them. 

We design your custom artwork with love and attention to detail...which is what makes it so unique. It’s entirely personal to you and your pet.

On the other hand, unlike typical home goods companies, we’re unable to resell the artwork if you decide you don’t like it. As a small business, we wouldn't be able to keep up with the costs.

We encourage you to read reviews, compare sizes/designs, and make sure you feel good about your purchase before placing an order. We also encourage you to provide us with a high quality image (see below!) for your masterpiece so that it turns out amazing!

Lost Packages

We can not provide a refund for lost or missing packages but we will investigate and if we deem it necessary, we will reprint your portraits. Please review the Shipping page for more information.

Dirt and Smudges

Our portraits are done on artist-grade canvas, which is made to be cleaned. Occasionally, a portrait might pick up some dust/smudges from wrapping and packaging. In such cases, we recommend: 

  • Cleaning the canvas using a cotton cloth or tee shirt soaked in gentle warm soapy water. 
  • Once that dries (give it about 12 hours), your canvas should appear good as new!

Damaged or Broken Goods 

If your order arrives and the product is broken or damaged, we recommend:

  • Take 1 close up picture of the damage and 1 a bit further away so we can see the entire product.
  • Contact us within 48 hours at and attach the images 
  • If we confirm damage, we can provide a reprint which typically takes two weeks to arrive at the initial address.
  • Note: If a portrait canvas is dirty or smudged, this is not considered damage. Please see the section above for how to clean your canvas.

Changes Or Updates To Our Products

Occasionally we source new or different materials for our products, including our canvases. We cannot offer returns or refunds due to a change in materials.

Order Cancellation

If you have placed an order in the last 24 hours and have changed your mind, you can cancel your order within 24 hours of when the order was placed (and have the amount refunded). If 24 hours have passed, the cancellation can only be granted at our discretion. The reason for this is that our designers often begin work as soon as you have placed your order.

Photo Considerations

Please be aware that when we create your artwork, we use the photo you uploaded with your order. If you do not follow our image guidelines, we unfortunately can’t be responsible for the quality. It's important you submit a high quality photo that adheres to our guidelines as low quality photos will result in low quality artwork. 

In other words, make sure your pup looks fabulous ✪ᴥ✪

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that special requests will be adhered to - for example we cannot edit a photo to close or open a mouth, add a smile etc. We can perform standard image retouching, (i.e. removal of red eye, eye color changes, addressing contrast issues, etc.)

Please note that the examples on our website were made from high quality, high resolution photos. Blurry, low quality photos will not allow our design team to produce the high quality piece you'd like to show off on your wall.

Thank You ❤️

Thank you for being our customer and for being understanding with our team in a crazy time. 

Feeling Stuck? Reach Out

If you need anything or have questions on your order, reach out to us here and we'll do our best to help!