Our story

Hey, I’m Hannah 👋

I started Wooflore in a rustic barn in the Montana countryside. 

That's why our designs often incorporate elements from the wild - untamed landscapes, floral and fauna, and wildlife.

Mostly though, we draw inspiration from the pups and kitties in our lives. My very first portrait was a highland cow piece of my sheepadoodle, Phoebe. (I've shared pics below if you want to see it.)

In the beginning, it was just a creative project - me playing around with designs and creating pet portraits for friends and family in the barn.

Since then, Wooflore has grown into a real small business and our mission has grown too: we’re here to create meaningful, stylish decor for obsessed pet parents like us.

If that sounds like you or a loved one, we’d love to help you capture and celebrate your fur baby (or babies).

Thank you for supporting our small business - it truly means so much to me and Phoebe is sending virtual sloppy kisses your way. 

- Hannah, Wooflore Founder & CEO


*The first Wooflore portrait.

first prototype

third prototype